Hi, I’m Veronica.

I studied linguistics, worked in a contemporary art gallery, and after many years of moving from one place to another, my family and I decided to return to  the Galilee and build our home in a small community of Avtalyon.

Galilee is a unique area with many diverse communities living side by side, but often not communicating with each other. I’d like to get to know my neighbors and make new friends, so I’m interviewing people that make the Galilee. I’m looking for inspiring people from different cultural backgrounds whose personal experiences and perspectives represent an authentic view of our everyday lives.

Before opening this blog I took a food photography course and discovered my new passion. Since then I’m constantly learning through experience shooting lifestyle (jewelry, ceramics, textiles etc.) and food. Therefore, recipes came as a natural addition to my blog, as I strongly believe that food is an international language that brings people together.

Although crossed, all of the above is still true, but I’m not writing here any more.  I went after my dream and this blog became a digital magazine that embraces the same values. The difference is that it is now created by a team of like-minded creatives who make it a more beautiful, more diverse and more interesting place.

Check it out now!!!


All images and content on this blog are copyright of Veronica Yudkevich.

Have a question, know anybody interesting that we should interview, like my photography and styling and wish to hire me or just want to say hi? please contact me through this e-mail  info@makeeatmagazine.com

Thank you and hope to see you again!



  1. Esther

    good luck, about in the Hebrew version is not working.
    בהצלחה, אסתר

  2. Thanks! I’ll check

  3. Anonymous

    Mazel Tov and alll the best!!

  4. Johanna

    Amazing blog & Tasty! Happy to met you today…

  5. Beautiful photos, great concept, delicious looking recipes.

    May I ask what camera body/lenses you use? Any lights?

    • Hi,
      Thank you! I’m glad you liked my blog; it’s actually just a few steps away from becoming an online magazine. So you’re welcome to visit again soon to see its new face.
      For the last year I’ve been using Nikon D7200 (D40 before that) and mostly nikkor 50mm 1.8g lense (Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 before). I shoot in natural light.
      Hope that helps

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