Russian cucumber salad

cucumber salad |

cucumber salad |

cucumber salad |


I’m not really sure it’s actually Russian, but I only remember eating it at home. It also seems fitting because in Russia they love sour cream and mayonnaise in salads; in no other place in the world mayonnaise comes in so many varieties or quantities. So I’ll assume I’m right.

cucumber salad |


I remember it as a summer salad, served for a light lunch with Russian (rye) bread. It’s light, unpretentious, made from usually available ingredients, and it’s just tasty. One can look at it as a Russian version of tzatziki. I upgraded it with white miso and fennel fronds. Some bottarga microplaned over it wouldn’t have hurt either. Next time.

Next time I’ll perhaps have an oilcloth and an enamel bowl to complete the picture imprinted in my memory. Then again, even my grandmother started using those dishes saved for special occasions every day, or maybe it was just for me?..

cucumber salad |


Before I turn to the recipe, if it can even be called that, note that the sauce should be added just before serving because cucumbers make it watery after some time.

And it would be great if anybody wants to share her/his memories of summer, food or whatever.

Cucumber salad


4-5 medium-large cucumbers

2 hard-boiled eggs

a small bunch of chives or 2 spring onions

a small bunch of fennel fronds or dill

3-4 Tbsp sour cream

1 Tbsp white miso (optional)

Salt, pepper


Cube the cucumbers and eggs, chop the greens and transfer to a bowl. Mix sour cream with miso, salt and pepper and combine with the veggies and eggs in the bowl. Serve with bread.


cucumber salad |

cucumber salad |

cucumber salad |



  1. galia

    it’s great.
    love you, Vero

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